113 expeditions to Mount Manaslu were recorded by Seven Summit in September

Manaslu Base Camp

Kathmandu, Oct 3: The Seven Summit Treks (SST), a pioneering Kathmandu-based trekking and expedition company, has arranged highest 113 expeditions to Mount Manaslu (8161m), the world’s eighth highest peak, for this Autumn climbing season in September, 2023 alone. Most of the expeditions had taken place through the Seven Summit Treks and others through its sister organizations–14 Peaks Expedition and Global Expedition.

Established by four Sherpa brothers, who themselves are mountaineers and have set multiple climbing re, SST has significantly contributed to the trekking and expedition industry in Nepal, and remain committed to promoting high-altitude adventure tourism in the Himalayan and Karakoram regions in the world.

SST is dedicated to promoting adventure tourism in Nepal since its inception in 2010. It specializes in trekking and expedition. For the past 20 years, it has been organizing expeditions in 8000ers of Nepal, China and Pakistan. Besides, it offers major logistics in the Himalayan.

SST truly believe in the importance of making tourism accessible to all, and continues working to achieve this goal, said the SST chairperson Mingma Sherpa. “We always strive to offer best service to our clients. It is our commitment,” said Chhang Dawa Sherpa, the SST director.

About Manaslu

Manaslu also known as Kutang lies in the Mansiri Himal in the west-central part of Nepal. The name Manaslu means ‘mountain of the spirit’. It is also called the ‘Killer Mountain of the World’ due to high fatality rate of climbers and the avalanche risks. The mountain was first climbed on 9 May, 1956 by Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu, members of a Japanese expedition. Manaslu, the highest peak in Gorkha district, is 64 km east of Annapurna.

The Manaslu region offers a variety of trekking options. The popular Manaslu trekking route of 177 km goes round the Manaslu massif over the pass down to Annapurna. It takes approximately 65 days to climb the peak.

The entry point for the peak is through Dhadingbesi or Gorkha. There are two routes for Mt Manaslu. One begins from Gorkha to the Base Camp through Kalanchowk, Deurali, Gumda, Jagat, Philim, Bihi, Namrung and Samagaun. The other starts from Dhadingbesi through Arughat, Jagat, Philim, Bihi, Namrung and Samagaun. The total distance of the Gorkha route is 120.6 km, and Dhadingbesi 120.1 km.

The list of expeditions through SST and its sister organisations

  1. Robert Austin Schmitz (USA) on 24 September, 2023 
  2. Allan Karl Cohrs (Australia) on 25 September  
  3. Colin James Briggs (Australia) on 25 September
  4. Conor James Coleman (Australia) on 25 September
  5. Benjamin Edward Lieber (USA) on 24 September
  6. Mark Trevor Ayrey (New Zealand) on 25 September
  7. Mindaugas Satkauskas (Lithuania) on 27 September
  8. Antonina Samoilova (Ukraine) on 27 September
  9. Yangchu Gexi (China) on 25 September
  10. Langrenqing San (China) on 25 September
  11. Yangchu Sanlang (China) on 25 September
  12. Rangdanzhen Ze (China) on 25 September
  13. Langjia Zerang  (China) on 25 September
  14. Yong Ze (China) No summit
  15. Ningning Tan (China) on 25 September
  16. Ying Dong (China) on 25 September
  17. Yue Hong (China) on 25 September
  18. Jinghong Wei (China) on 25 September
  19. Xiaofeng Jing (China) on 25 September
  20. Feng Deng (China) on 25 September
  21. Haihang Jin (China) on 25 September
  22. Jin Xu (China) on 25 September
  23. Lijun Yu (China) on 25 September
  24. Xi Chen (China) on 25 September
  25. Shuangliu Shou (China) on 25 September
  26. Feng Han (China) on 25 September
  27. Andrey Kazakov (Russia) on 22 September
  28. Nikolai Lukin (Russia) on 24 September
  29. Nikolai Shipilov (Russia) on 24 September
  30. Ruslan Laukart (Russia) on 24 September
  31. Victor Volodin (Russia) on 24 September
  32. Yana Zharkova (Russia) on 24 September
  33. Guoyong Yang (China) on 24 September
  34. Hongjan Liu (China) on 24 September
  35. Le Chen (China) on 24 September
  36. Na Li (China) on 24 September
  37. Zhengchao Gu (China) on 24 September
  38. Keith Schuyler Du Pree (USA) on 25 September
  39. Anum Uzair (Pakistan) on 24 September
  40. Ahmed Uzair (Pakistan) on 24 September
  41. Jaroslaw Zdanowicz (Poland) on 23 September
  42. Lukasz Lagorzny (Poland) on 23 September
  43. Stephane, Jean, Lucien Pfend (France) on 23 September
  44. Kendall Douglas Haggard (USA) on 23 September
  45. Rouholah Salahshourian (Iran) on 24 September
  46. Jorge Egocheaga Rodriguez (Spain) on 24 September
  47. Roberto Lopez Iglesias (Spain) on 27 September
  48. Wu Zhou (China) on 24 September
  49. Liu Yongquan (China) on 23 September
  50. Sebastian Friedrich Graf (Germany) on 23 September
  51. Raffaele Barbolini (Italy) on 25 September
  52. Pasang Dukpa Sherpa (Nepal) on 23 September
  53. Pasang Tenje Sherpa (Nepal) on 24 September
  54. Yan Bahadur Thapa (Nepal) on 24 September
  55. Anish Tamang (Nepal) on 23 September
  56. Lakpa Sherpa (Nepal) on 23 September
  57. Chhiring Namgel Sherpa (Nepal) on 23 September
  58. Dawa Wongchu Sherpa (Nepal) on 23 September
  59. Taraman Tamang (Nepal) on 25 September
  60. Moeses Fiamoncini (Brazil) on 20 September
  61. Jacob Urth (Norway) on 24 September
  62. Enrico Zappa (Italy) on 23 September
  63. Emiliano Boldi (Italy) on 23 September
  64. George Justin Ioneschu (Romania) on 28 September
  65. Laura Mihaela Mares (Romania) on 28 September
  66. Kwon Rae Kim (Republic of Korea) on 25 September
  67. Afshin Asgharzadehledari (Canada) on 26 September
  68. Alessandra Kate Pepper (Australia) on 28 September
  69. Sonam Sherpa (Nepal)
  70. Guru Bhote (Nepal) on 25 September
  71. Pemba Thenduk Sherpa (Nepal) on 23 September
  72. Dawa Sherpa (Nepal) on 23 September
  73. Lakpa Chhiri Sherpa (Nepal) on 23 September
  74. Nangpemba Sherpa (Nepal) on 24 September
  75. Gyalbu Sherpa (Nepal) on 26 September
  76. Lakpa Thendu Sherpa (Nepal) on 20 September
  77. Kusang Sherpa (Nepal) on 24 September
  78. Kaji Sherpa (Nepal) on 24 September
  79. Mingtemba Sherpa (Nepal) on 28 September
  80. Mingma Dorchi Sherpa (Nepal) on 23 September
  81. Mingma Gelu Sherpa (Nepal) on 27 September
  82. Thomas Bhote (Nepal) on 21 September
  83. Tshering Pande Bhote (Nepal) on 21 September
  84. Shehroze Kashif (Pakistan) on 20 September
  85. Flutura Ibrahimi (Albania) on 20 September
  86. Adrian Laza (Romania) on 20 September
  87. Dorota Lidia Rasinska Samocko (Poland) on 20 September
  88. Alasdair Scot Mckenzie (France) on 20 September
  89. Alina Pekova (Russia) on 20 September
  90. Tenjen Sherpa (Nepal) on 20 September
  91. Chhepal Sherpa (Nepal) on 20 September
  92. Tenjing Sherpa (Nepal) on 20 September
  93. Dawa Nurbu Sherpa (Nepal) on 20 September
  94. Mingtemba Sherpa (Nepal) on 20 September
  95. Lakpa Nurbu Sherpa (Nepal) on 20 September
  96. Pasang Dawa Sherpa (Nepal) on 20 September
  97. Mingma Tenji Sherpa (Nepal) on 25 September
  98. Pemba Thinduk Sherpa (Nepal) on 24 September
  99. Pasang Nurbu Sherpa (Nepal) on 20 September
  100. Mingma Sherpa (Nepal) on 20 September
  101. Angi Bhote (Nepal) on 26 September
  102. Pem Nurbu Sherpa (Nepal) on 24 September
  103. Shima Afsari (Iran) on 25 September
  104. Thorbjoern Soenderbo Patscheider (Denmark) on 23 September
  105. Trine Storfaard (Denmark) on 23 September
  106. Iman Sharifi Shamili (Iran) on 29 September
  107. Pasang Sherpa (Nepal) on 24 September
  108. Ridar Lama Bhote (Nepal) on 26 September
  109. Lakpa Temba Sherpa (Nepal) on 24 September
  110. Gesman Tamang (Nepal) on 25 September
  111. Mingma Thinduk Sherpa (Nepal)
  112. Namja Bhote (Nepal) on 21 September
  113. Chhiring Lama (Nepal) on 21 September