A rare vulture in the world was found in Nepal

The white vulture is considered rare in the world. It has been found for the first time in Nepal. The Himalayan vulture seen at ‘Giddha Jatayu restaurant in Navalpur’ is pure white. Ornithologists say it is extremely rare and unimaginable. They claim that such a vulture has never been seen before. The eye hair and eyes are black; the rest of the vulture is completely white and only a little gray in some places.

Ornithologists say that this may have happened due to changes in genetic characteristics, a lack of elements that make the body black, or climate change. The team of wildlife photographers Pemba Sherpa, Sugam Tamrakar, Tahir Ahmed, Rajendra Maharjan, and nature guide Prem Mahatto saw the white Himalayan vulture for the first time.

The number of people who come to Jatayu Restaurant to take pictures of the vulture has increased recently. Since the establishment of Jatayu Restaurant, rare vultures of different breeds have been seen three times in 2011, 2020, and now.