WWF Nepal celebrates Earth Hour 2024 with an Eco Fiesta!

Kathmandu, Nepal- Thousands gathered at Jawalakhel Ground, Kathmandu to celebrate Earth
Hour 2024 at the Eco Fiesta organized by WWF Nepal. The fiesta was a celebration of
sustainability where local, home grown sustainable businesses had an opportunity to showcase
their products to guests and provide alternative lifestyle options. Paying homage to the indigenous
cultures of Kathmandu valley and their innate relationship with nature, the fiesta also had
indigenous food stalls and various activities such as pottery, painting, lakhey dance, and more.

The event was also graced by incredible music performances by Surakshya Malla and Ujan
Shakya, two up and coming young Nepali artists who dazzled the crowds with their acoustic
performances. The event even hosted a “Sustainable Fashion Show” which comprised of incredible
designs made of recycled waste materials being showcased by the seven-time winners of
Kaleidoscope Inter School Festival. The main message of the fashion show was that “we must
learn to reduce our consumerism, and learn to live in harmony with nature”. The concluding
performance was a Lakhey Dance featuring “Lakhey” and “Pulun Kisi”. The Lakhey is known as
a protector and the Pulun Kisi is a symbol of good fortune. The dance symbolized the protection
of the planet from climate change and expressed the wish for a cleaner, greener planet.

The eco-fiesta also had a “Knowledge Corner” hosted by Sustainability Solutions where guests
had the chance to play educational games, participate in a scavenger hunt and in “sukkul guff”
where experts from various fields came to discuss sustainability in their particular fields. Guests
also had a chance to join the “live painting” station where they could paint their interpretation of
the earth.

Alongside the various activities, the visitors had the opportunity to get to know local vendors such
as Dohoran (thrift store), Eco Wares (biodegradable disposable utensils made of sugar cane),
Rekriti (a denim upcycling business), Eco Saathi (biodegradable alternatives to everyday
products), Raithane (indigenous food products), Sukhawoti (charity thrift store) and many others
selling handicrafts, food products and more.

For food, the visitors enjoyed varieties of food from local vendors including Village café, Mitini
Kulfi, Sara Bakes Vegan, Pani Puri stalls, local chips, Nepal Coffee Company and more.
The event came to an end with a light circle where visitors came together holding candles and
stood together forming a “60”, symbolizing the #biggesthourforearth and the impact of individual
actions performed together. The spirit of Earth Hour came to a head with Surakshya Malla’s
performance of the 2024 theme song “Celestial” by Ed Sheeran.

The event brought together people from all walks of life to celebrate the spirit of sustainability and
learn about different way each individual can make a difference! Visitors got to spend their
biggest hour for earth by learning about nature and sustainable practices, engaging in art and
engaging in sustainable shopping!

Individuals, businesses and cities in 190 countries and territories worldwide joined Earth Hour to
speak up for nature and inspire urgent action for the environment. Through the global appeal of
the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, #EarthHour, #biggesthourforearth
and related hashtags across the globe. Millions of people have spoken, urging world leaders to
prioritize the protection of the planet and the reversal of the loss of nature.