New Bird Species Discovered in Nepal, Bringing Total to 895

A new species of bird has been identified in the Annapurna Conservation Area of Nepal, adding to the country’s diverse avian population. The discovery was made by birdwatcher Shankar Tiwari, who spotted the bird at an altitude of 3,840 meters in the Lomanthang region of Upper Mustang. After extensive consultations and studies by national and international ornithologists, the Nepalese ornithological union has confirmed the bird’s novelty. It has been named “Fusro Saraon” in Nepali, with the scientific name Spodiopsar cineraceus. The English name of the bird is White-cheeked Starling.

The White-cheeked Starling is native to North and East Asia, including China, Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, Russia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam. It has also been recorded as a migratory species in Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, and Thailand. According to the Nepalese ornithological union, the bird is likely to be found in various regions of Nepal’s neighbor, China, where it is also known to breed. The committee has expressed gratitude to Shankar Tiwari and his fellow hiker, Matthew Withraw, for their contribution in expanding Nepal’s bird diversity records. The discovery of Fusro Saraon brings the total number of bird species recorded in Nepal to 895. Nepal is renowned for its rich biodiversity, including a wide range of flora and fauna, and this new addition to the bird population adds to its ecological significance.