PM Deuba insists on better management of tiger habitat   

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said the presence of tiger remaining as a distinct and rare wild animal is significant in view of economic, social, cultural, ecological and touristic aspects.    
In his address to a function organised by the National Tiger Conservation Committee (NTCC) Nepal on the occasion of the World Tiger Day here today, the Prime Minister said the tiger has its contribution to maintain and balance ecosystem, and its conservation is needed. He urged one and all to gear up for the conservation of the animal.    
Nepal is one of the limited countries in the world where the tiger is found, according to the Prime Minister who pressed an idea of conserving it for touristic purpose and thus for income-generation.    
He said he wanted to thank all those contributing to meeting the ambitious programme endorsed by the 2010 St Petersburg Tiger Summit in Russia for tiger conservation and recovery.    
The Prime Minister further said the cases of human-wildlife conflict continue to take place in absence of sufficient food and habitat for tiger, adding that the situation has triggered the debate which life is more important – human or wildlife.    
He was of the view of well managing tiger habitat and improving the livelihood of locals. He also pointed out the need of more research and efforts to tackle challenges in tiger conservation.    
The Prime Minister also spoke the need of keeping human settlement around the protected areas safe.    
He also directed the bodies concerned including the related Ministry to prepare plans for handling challenges in tiger conservation including the possible poaching of animal and its organs, insisting on capacity enhancement of employees and coordination with international organisation to advance towards the goals of tiger conservation.    
PM Deuba expressed belief that activities would be carried out as per the Wildlife Friendly Infrastructure Guideline as the government has recently issued it.    

Similarly, former Prime Minister and Chairperson of the CPN (Unified Socialist), Madhav Kumar Nepal, urged the ministry and subordinate bodies for the conservation of tiger as well as suggested to award those doing good work in tiger conservation sector.    
Chair Nepal opined, “It is necessary to conserve tiger as tiger is important to make Nepal renowned in international level. Forest sector should be developed for tiger conservation. The National Trust for Nature Conservation should also pay attention for the same.”    

Secretary at the Ministry of Forests and Environment, Pem Narayan Kandel, said that not only the population of tiger is increased due to tiger conservation, it also helps in environment protection.    
He further said that a special programme has been launched to increase tiger population.    
On the occasion, it is shared that the population of tiger has now reached 355. It was 121 before 2010.    
Likewise, Director General of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, Ram Chandra Kandel, shared that now the population of tiger has increased remarkably as it was decreased in 2010.    
As per the commitment made by 13 countries, Nepal has become successful to double the population of tiger, he added.