President’s Sajha Ride

It was a sunny Saturday, and at the Patan Dhoka bus stop, an electric sajha bus stops, and our president, Vidya Devi Bhandari, clad in “Haku Patasi,” a traditional Newari saree, exits the electric sajha bus. It was a day out for the president, who came from Shital Niwas on an Electric Sajha bus and then went to the Madan Puruskar Library, where she was illuminated by the important archival works being executed by the Madan Puruskar Library.

Then she walks past the iconic Patan Dhoka, adorned with beautiful artworks, and heads towards Pim Bahal, stopping briefly at the Ganesh Temple. At the Pim Bahal, which was recently restored to its old glory, she spends the afternoon amidst the locals of Patan. It was a perfect day for a president.